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Harbin Fish Farm

"Your Source For Quality Farm Raised Fish"

Harbin Fish Farm is the off-spring of a small channel cat hatchery started by Doug Wohlschlegel (Mark's father-in-law) nestled in the northern part of Harper County, KS in the late 1960's. Mark Harbin began with 8 acres of ponds and a primitive catfish hatchery in 1982 and has grown over the years to manage 40 acres of water, divided into 25 ponds.


Harbin Fish Farm expanded in 2008 with the purchase of an additional farm in Oklahoma, run by Mark's son, Spencer. Located in Historic Mission Bottom in Hughes County, the Oklahoma farm has 90 acres of intensively cultured water, divided into 20 different ponds. We raise several species of fish for pond and lake stocking, food size fish markets, and wholesale live bait.

Harbin Fish Farm's customer base includes:

  • City, County, State, and Federal Government agencies

  • Pond and lake management companies

  • Private pond and lake owners

  • Fishing clubs and Home Owners Associations

  • Live bait retailers

  • General public fish sales

Together, Mark and Spencer have over 60 years of combined experience raising, handling, and transporting fish. It is the goal of Harbin Fish Farm to provide top quality farm raised fish and services at an affordable price to our ever growing base of valued customers.

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